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Bring it to work Wed, Nov 29, 2006
Based on my time budget and a few other logical factors, I've been abiding by a new motto for the past few weeks:  Bring it to work.  Since I spend about one-quarter of my time at work, I might as well make it more like home.  Most people already do this:  They bring in pictures, plants, mementos, and other friendly reminders of home and other happy places.  But I've taken it a step further:  I keep all my food at work.  I don't bring new stuff in everyday.  I just keep it all at my desk or in the community refrigerator.  My frozen meals, my abundance of candy, my "healthy" snacks, and even my fresh fruit.  I used to buy food at the food store and keep it at home.  Then every morning, I'd put a few things in my bag and bring everything to work.  Why make things complicated?  I've eliminated the middle man (my home).  Now all I need is a stove or a grill, and then the next step would be a bed.  That would cut at least an hour of driving out of my day.  But then I wouldn't see Wendy or the cats.  That's no good. #food

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