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Lunch Wed, Oct 19, 2005
I'm a big fan of eating.  I always have a ton of food at my desk at work.  And I keep adding to the collection.  I'm that guy you work with that's always crinkling wrappers and shoving food in my face, as you think, "How can he possibly be eating again, that filthy pig-dog!"  What can I say?  I was blessed with good metabolism. 

Every few weeks I go to ShopRite and buy a bunch of food and bring it to work.  I have some Pop Tarts, granola bars, pretzels, etc.  But I'm branching out into new things.  Today, I brought in some olive oil and vinegar.  I can't stand putting that stuff on my sandwich in the morning, and then eating a soggy sandwich for lunch.  I'd eventually like to have a full-fledged kitchen at my desk.  My co-worker has a microwave.  I'm thinking about a toaster-oven so I can have Quizno's-style sandwiches.  Maybe I should get a mini-fridge so I can keep all the ingredients here.  I could save those valuable 3 minutes it takes me to make a sandwich in the morning. 

There was this one time that ants somehow found my Pop Tarts.  I was "tee owed" as they say.  What I don't understand is how a million little ants found their way into the closet inside the lab in the middle of the building I work in.  How does that work?  Is there a way we can harness that technology to find the things we lose?  That'd be awesome.  Stupid ants. #food

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