Sometime a few months ago, my life came to a crashing halt when Fox 5 announced the re-introduction of A Current Affair on weekdays at 6:30pm, taking over the time slot the Simpsons once owned.  I was devastated.  Part of me died.  Ya see, when I was in college, I tried my hardest to watch the Simpsons at least 3 times a day:  at 6:30, 7, and 11.  It was beautiful.  After I graduated, I knew the 11pm thing wouldn't work.  That was a sacrifice I was willing to make.  But the 6:30 and 7 were still rolling strong.  But when A Current Affair came along in March of 2005, it took up the Simpsons' 6:30 time slot.  This was a major problem for me because I do several things at night during the week.  Most of these things start at around 7:30.  This means I can't watch the Simpsons at 7 because I'll be late for my things.  Tragic. 

But good news was just around the corner.  While watching the Simpsons last night, Fox 5 announced that the Simpsons would be returning to their 6:30 time slot in addition to the one at 7.  Now, like before, my life is complete. #entertainment