Kottke wrote about this Time article that mentions how JetBlue and Southwest Airlines have really improved travel in recent years by offering low fares.  That brought up my feelings on the topic:  I applaud companies like this who offer cheaper fares for the same dumb service.  I don't care if the big old companies like Delta and American Airlines go out of business.  It's their own fault.  That's what happens when you can't adapt to new and changing environments.  I feel the same way about GM and Chrysler or whoever in the car industry is filing for bankruptcy protection.  I can't wait for the newest, cheapest line of cars to come out from some no-name brand that spends all their money on engineering and no money on advertising.  I'll be the first one in line to buy their product.  I'll applaud them for putting a bunch of big, clumsy companies out of business by offering the same stupid product at a better price.  Capitalism.  Jerks. #business