Sometime I (and we) refer to people as "the bald guy".  I feel bad about doing this, but sometimes it's completely appropriate.  Some people are just bald; there's no question about it.  But unfortunately, the term is often used negatively.  This doesn't quite make sense to me.  If a guy is bald, he's bald.  The sky is blue and the grass is green.  These are all descriptive adjectives.  You can't refute them.  But I guess I can understand if the person isn't completely bald.  Maybe they're thinning.  That gets a little tricky.  A little hairy, if you will (zing!).

But I feel I'm justified in calling somebody bald, seeing that sometime in the next ten years, I will undoubtedly go bald.  I think I'm already thinning.  Wendy says she doesn't see it, but I think she's lying.  I only really notice it when my hair is short.  That's why it's a little long right now.  But it'll probably be short again sometime soon when I get tired of having too much of it. 

When baldness actually sets in, I plan to fully embrace it.  Why not?  What should I do, cover it up?  Take drugs to make my hair grow back?  No way!  I'll completely shave my head or at least make my hair really short, so it doesn't look like I'm trying to hide anything.  People with comb overs or long hair are wasting their time.  Baldness, I say to you:  I'm ready. #lifestyle