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Dingo Thu, Oct 20, 2005
I was watching Seinfeld last night (new episode ... just kidding).  The one where they're stranded at the party and Elaine mentions the dingo. 

Woman:  I wonder what happened to my fiance.  I know he's here somewhere.  Ellen?  Have you seen my fiance?

Ellen:  He's upstairs.

Woman:  Are you going upstairs?  Tell my fiance I'm looking for him.  I have lost my fiance, the poor baby.

Elaine:  Maybe the dingo ate your baby.

Right before Elaine said the thing about the dingo, there was a look on her face that pretty much sums up my entire life:  utter contempt and disgust.  She was talking to a very pretentious woman that was overly concerned about her newly-found fiance and was utterly pleased to be using a French word.  Elaine furrowed her brow and opened her mouth with a sneer.  She paused as she tried to think of a short comment that would sum up all the feelings that were raging inside her head.  She leaned forward and said, "Maybe the dingo at your baby."  What?  "The dingo ate your baby!"  The woman didn't understand.  But Elaine was victorious, and her expression showed it. #entertainment

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