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Frozen meals Thu, Nov 16, 2006
My opinion of frozen microwaveable meals is pretty negative and largely based on the people who eat them.  These people usually suffer from one (or more) of the following conditions:  laziness, single-and-living-alone-ness, and extreme obesity.  Lazy people (in terms of food) usually don't cook, which means they tend to either eat a lot of their food in restaurants or buy a lot of it pre-prepared (Note:  I don't usually cook, which makes me fit quite nicely into this category).  People who are single and who live by themselves often have frightening personal hygiene habits and other strange quirks.  This leads them to buy large quantities of imperishables and frozen foods "just in case".  Extremely obese people are usually looking for a simple solution to their problem, so they eat microwaveable meals with Oprah's name on them instead of eating something like fresh vegetables and/or lean meats. 

If that didn't offend at least 1 person, I haven't done my job. 

Despite all this, my life changed 6 days ago.  That's when I ate my first frozen meal since I was 10.  I was getting a little sick of sandwiches, and Wendy's been traveling so we have no more leftovers (again, I don't usually cook).  So I decided to try my hand at some microwaveable mashups.  I decided against the stuff I ate when I was 10 (Kid Cuisine) and went for Healthy Choice.  Wow, was I impressed.  It was a good-tasting meal that was relatively healthy, served in a manageable portion for a pretty low price (sounds like a commercial; it's not).  I went back to the store and bought 4 more (different brand) for lunch this week.  If I can feed myself lunch for $10-15 per week and eat something different every day, I'm a fan.  Plus, I'm not overfilling myself, and I'm getting at least some amount of nutrition. #food

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