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Ordering at Subway Mon, Aug 28, 2006
I've mentioned that I like Subway, and I've mentioned that I often have problems when ordering food.  But to be more specific, here's what happens every time I order food at Subway. 
I walk in the door and up to the counter. 
I say, "Can I have ham and turkey on a 6-inch wheat?" 
The person turns around, walks to the bread thing and asks, "What kind of bread?" 
I say, "Wheat.  Six inch." 
The person cuts the bread open and says, "What kind of cheese?" 
I say, "No cheese." 
The person piles some ham on the open roll and says, "Anything else?" 
I say, "Ham and turkey please." 
The person takes some ham off and replaces it with turkey.  The person asks, "Anything else?" 
I say, "Lettuce, tomato, oil, and vinegar please." 
The person puts some lettuce on the sandwich and says, "Onions?" 
I say, "Just lettuce, tomato, oil, and vinegar." 
The person asks, "Mayo?  Salt and pepper?" 
I say, "No thanks." 
The person finishes making my sandwich and asks, "Would you like the drink and the chips?" 
I say, "No thanks.  Just the sandwich." 
Subway could easily save itself some money by replacing the people with machines like the ones at Wawas.  There's no reason for me to repeatedly clarify myself.  That is, unless I'm going about it entirely wrong.  Maybe I should go into Subway and order piecemeal:  Ask for the size and type of bread first; after that's done, ask for the meat and/or cheese; after that's done, ask for the vegetables and other toppings.  Or maybe I'm just not a typical Subway customer.  From the moment I walk into a Subway, I know exactly what I want.  Nothing will change my mind.  They can ask me a thousand times and offer it to me for free.  I won't succumb to their evil schemes. 

On a side note, Subway is horribly unreliable from store to store.  I went to 4 different Subways one weekend and received completely different sandwiches in terms of quality and freshness.  This is completely unlike places like Quizno's, where a sandwich in California is exactly the same as a sandwich in NJ.  The Subway in Wharton, NJ is reliable because they always make my sandwiches great.  Thank you scary guy, quiet lady, and Indian guy. #food

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