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Ordering food Mon, Feb 13, 2006
Wendy and I have some occasional problems when we're ordering food because we're both sort of picky.  We've gotten used to repeating ourselves when we ask for something.  Wendy can say "Can I have a water, no ice, no lemon" faster than anyone I know.  Every time she orders any type of sandwich, it's an ordeal.  And it's not because it's complicated.  It's because it's different (read:  not normal).  Wendy will order a turkey sandwich with lettuce, oil, and vinegar.  "You want cheese?"  No.  "Mayo?"  No.  "Onions?"  No.  Just turkey, lettuce, oil, and vinegar.  "Peppers?"  No.  "Bacon?"  No.  "You sure about no cheese?"  Yes.  And it's like this pretty much every time.  Getting people to understand that you don't want cheese on your sandwich is a pretty big feat.  They just can't comprehend a sandwich without cheese. 

Taking this into account, it's quite refreshing to order a sandwich without having to clarify and/or repeat yourself.  I just ordered a turkey and swiss sandwich with lettuce, oil, and vinegar.  The lady said ok.  Five minutes later, I had my sandwich, made right, without a single question.  I guess it's because it's a pretty standard sandwich.  Maybe it's because I covered all the main food groups:  meat, dairy, vegetables, fat, and vinegar (vinegar's a food group, right?).  Either way, it's nice to get what you want. #food

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