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Wawa Sat, Apr 08, 2006
Wendy and I are huge fans of Wawa.  For those who don't know, Wawa is a convenience store/deli chain that's common in South Jersey and similar areas.  I say "South Jersey" because it's actually a different state than "New Jersey", where Wawas are nonexistent.  I really love Wawa because you can order sandwiches without talking to a human being:  You just press some buttons on a screen and you're done.  You don't have to go through a whole bunch of nonsense to get what you want.  They also have the normal candy and drinks that all convenience stores have.  But there's something different about Wawa.  I'm not sure what it is.  It's just great.  That's all I can say. 

For any Wawa entrepreneurs out there, I invite you to open a store in North Jersey, preferably near exit 28 off Route 80. #food

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