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Value Mon, Oct 17, 2005
It's weird how value is assigned to certain objects and it's based solely on how much someone is willing to pay.  Value isn't based on worth or usefulness.  It's based on a somebody.  For example, my parents had a garage sale this weekend.  They were getting rid of some junk that has been in their barn for generations.  It's useless stuff.  One thing was an old wooden wheel barrow with metal wheels.  You can buy a brand new metal wheel barrow with rubber wheels from Home Depot for a good price.  But a wooden wheel barrow with metal wheels?  Absolutely unusable.  But somebody bought it, obviously not because they're gonna use it to haul around dirt and rocks, but because it's an "antique" and "is worth a lot of money".  Why is it worth a lot of money?  Because someone is willing to pay a lot of money for it.  If nobody wanted to pay money for it, it would be worth nothing since it serves no purpose (and I don't consider "decoration" a purpose). #money

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