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Worth Fri, Dec 29, 2006
Similar to value, I've noticed that different objects that cost the same amount of money have different relative worth.  For example, I have a laptop that cost several hundred dollars.  It serves as one of my primary communication devices at home, plus it stores a bunch of information, files, and probably every picture I've every taken.  It's important to me, and I treat it like it's worth a lot of money.  But at the same time, I'd be willing to part with it.  I have my files backed up in several different places, and computer hardware generally becomes obsolete every few years.  At the same time, I own a similarly-priced guitar.  It's a beautiful piece of art.  Every note sounds like the earth was created for the sole purpose of hearing its sound.  It took a while to actually gain possession of it because the guitar store had to order it from a different store and then eventually ended up ordering a brand new one from the manufacturer.  Whether that plays a role or not, I wouldn't be willing to part with this guitar.  Its relative worth is much greater than that of the laptop.  It can't be easily replaced.  It won't become obsolete any time soon, let alone at all.  I treat it like it's worth more than it actually is. #money

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