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Sproose Fri, Dec 29, 2006
Sproose is a "social search engine", meaning users can interact with search result rankings.  In other words, if you search for something and you find a good result, you can give it a ranking with 1-5 stars, and that result will move up in the search results.  There are also 3 "social" functions under each search result:  Discussion, tags, and bookmarking.  These functions help the user collect and organize links found in search results, and it lets other people chime in with their comments and suggestions.  In order to fully contribute to the site, you need to go to the Sproose home page and sign up with a username and password. 

This site is attempting to do what Wikipedia's new search engine, Wikiasari, is setting out to do:  Create a search engine edited and organized by humans instead of machines.  It's worked pretty well with Wikipedia, Digg, and other user-contributed websites, so maybe it'll work with a search engine too. 

This is a sponsored post. #technology

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