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Wedding ring Tue, Mar 31, 2009
I've never been a fan of gold jewelry, so I knew I wanted a silver-colored wedding band when I got married.  A few months before the wedding, I went to a jewelry store and was appalled and disgusted at the price of platinum rings (I honestly can't justify spending tons of money on a metallic material whose price is artificially determined by the people who decide to mine it -- it's that whole problem with price vs. value).  I wasn't all that impressed by white gold because it's soft, or titanium because it's too lightweight.  Plus, I heard that if a titanium ring gets stuck on your finger, they have to cut off your finger because the material is too hard to cut (this turned out to be false, but it's still fun to think about).  I instead went with stainless steel, which was both cheap and heavy.  Heavy enough that if I punched a person, it would leave a dent in their forehead.  Something about that idea resonated with me, so I bought it.  I went to a different jewelry store just to see if they had a better selection or better prices, but when I asked the sales guy if they had any stainless steel rings, he said, "What, you mean like I used to build my deck?"  Something about his tone made me want to try out my new ring's dent-producing capabilities. 

The one problem with stainless steel, as with many jewelry metals, is that it's soft enough to get scratched.  This isn't that much of an issue, especially since I'm a guy, and especially since my ring is made of stainless steel.  It would be worse if it was shiny and pretty.  But either way, I kept my eyes open for something different, and I recently found what I was looking for:  Tungsten carbide.  Not only it is more dense than stainless steel (and hence, heavier), it's also harder (even harder than titanium), so it doesn't get scratched.  Now I can leave dents in people's foreheads while keeping the symbol of my marriage free from scuffs.  Double win! #products

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