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Bathroom etiquette part 3 (2) Mon, Aug 22, 2005
I'm a frequent user of bathrooms.  What can I say; I have a small bladder.  So I guess it's only natural that I notice the most frequent violations of the unwritten international code of bathroom etiquette.  Here are a few more additions in writing, so that no questions are left unanswered. 
1.  Don't stand at a urinal with the leg of your shorts hiked up.  That's what a fly is for.  If your shorts have no fly, too bad; you should buy shorts with a fly. 
2.  Don't "get everything ready" as you're walking to a urinal or toilet.  You have plenty of time to do that while you're standing at the urinal or in your own stall. 
3.  Although this was previously stated, I'll say it again:  if there's a door on your stall, close it.  It's not there for decoration.  And just because you're standing up doesn't give you the right to keep the door open.  It's there for a reason; use it. #entertainment

Wendy Thu, Sep 01, 2005
Do you feel newspapers and/or other articles posted on the inside of stalls are acceptable?

Dave Sat, Sep 03, 2005
Actually, I'm all for that.  There's nothing better than reading something while you take care of business, as long as you can multitask.

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