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Disney Tue, Aug 23, 2005
I just spent a week in unbelievably hot Florida.  I spent 3 of those days in the blissful maze that is Disney World.  So of course, I have a few things to say about this corporate monstrosity.  Since the last time I went, Disney added another park, making a total of 4 separate parks.  Each park costs about $50 to get in, but of course there are limitless add-ons, such as the Park Hopper option and other things.  The mistake to avoid is to allot a whole day to a single park.  This is only really feasible for the main park, Magic Kingdom.  Epcot and MGM could easily be combined into a single day.  We didn't even try Animal Kingdom because everyone said it's a waste of time because it's too hot for the animals to come out.  But do you see how they get ya?  There are 4 separate parks.  Most people plan at least 3, if not 4 total days for Disney.  And the prices go up.  And that's just for tickets.  They make the real money once you get in the park.  You can't get a meal for less than $10.  And all those tempting t-shirts and picture frames!  And this year's big money maker:  a spray bottle with a fan - $17.  Every kid in the park had one.  There were about 16 million kids there.  That's $272 million (give or take)!  So instead of making one uber-park, Disney has 4 mediocre parks.  And guess what?  Other parks are imitating this.  Universal Studios has two separate parks.  That's twice as much money for the same old nonsense.  Smart. #travel

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