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Dinosaurs Mon, Aug 22, 2005
I've come to the conclusion that dinosaurs aren't real.  I know a bunch of bones have been found and scientists have conclusively proven intricate details concerning size, shape, and character of dinosaurs, but I just don't buy it.  Every movie I've watched and every museum exhibit I've seen portrays these animals as big and mean and always roaring.  And they're always covered with green scales.  What if they were actually orange and blue?  And what if some of those scales were actually feathers?  Maybe dinosaurs purred or barked.  How can anyone possibly know that?  I'm just a little skeptical.  I have a hard time believing everything scientists prove.  What if they're wrong?  What if these things we've been learning since we were in 1st grade are all completely wrong, and we're just a product of our politically-driven educational system?  Oops, a little rant... #science

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