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Loud breather Tue, Jul 05, 2005
Close talker.  Man hands.  Now there's a new one:  loud breather.  I've been noticing that there is often a person in a group of people who's a loud breather:  either they have allergies and their nose whistles, or they're just generally oblivious to the immensely loud sound exuding from their head.  I'm amazed that people like this can concentrate when they read and even get sleep at night.  I'm convinced that they have no idea what's going on because when I look at them, they don't notice anything except the fact that I'm looking at them.  They don't notice that they're distracting everyone else by making noises with their breathing patterns.  And it's not just a nose whistle.  We all get that.  I'm talking about a noise that sounds like breathing through a snorkel.  It's Darth Vader-ish.  And this becomes increasingly problematic in Christian groups when we spend time in prayer.  All you can hear is the quiet voice of a person praying, and the incessant wind from a loud breather. #psychology

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