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Loud walkers Wed, Mar 08, 2006
Some people can be classified as loud walkers:  They walk so loud, you can hear them coming from a mile away.  I work with several loud walkers.  There's a woman who works in the office next to me who wears heels every day (yes, every single day).  I have no idea what these heels look like or how big they are or where she got them.  I'm not observant; I've never seen them.  But I know what they sound like.  I always know when she's walking by, and I can hear her all the way down the hall.  She used to be my semi-boss, so I learned to dread that sound.  Now, whenever I hear her, my heart starts beating harder and I have to remind myself that she's not coming to boss me around anymore. 

Sometimes men wear shoes that sound like women's heels.  That's always weird.  I'll hear the "click-clock" of heels on a hard floor, but the sound is coming from a man.  That doesn't make sense in my head, so I usually just collapse on the ground and convulse.  My brain can't handle that type of input. 

Unfortunately, I might be a loud walker too.  It's not because I wear heel-like shoes.  It's because my shoes squeak.  I try to keep them quiet, but it's just too much effort.  But hey, at least I don't have heels.  Buncha nancies. 

Collection of other Seinfeld-esque terms for people:  Loud gum-chewers, weird noise maker, long talker, loud breather #psychology

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