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Long talker Thu, Aug 25, 2005
You remember loud breather, close talker, man hands, etc.  I have a new one:  long talker.  There are some people who just use too many words to say simple things.  And the whole time they're talking, you're thinking, "Ok, I already know what you're gonna say.  But you're still going.  I could've been done hours ago.  I can't believe you're still talking.  Ok, you already said that part.  And that part too.  I wonder if you'll ever stop?  I wonder how long you would talk if there was nothing stopping you?  I wonder if you could ramble on for an entire 24 hours straight?  I bet you could.  Why don't I time you.  Ok that was 30 seconds.  Now 2 minutes.  Have you taken a breath yet?"  Maybe the person doesn't get out much and they haven't talked in days, so when their mouth opens, it just spouts out everything they've been thinking about but haven't said.  But somehow, I know that's not the case.  I know these people talk all the time, even if they just finished a 24-hour non-stop talking streak.  And of course my mind is very logical, and the schooling I've been through my entire life has taught me to pick up on things and to do it quickly.  So I figure out their entire train of thought within seconds and I fill in the blanks with all the things I see on the Simpsons.  Flying toasters.  And then someone else in the group says something like, "I didn't quite understand this one part.  So, you're saying..."  And then the long talker chimes back in and goes on endlessly.  When they finally take a breath, I usually try to say something to fill the silence and to move onto the next topic.  It's a good thing I'm relatively soft-spoken.  Otherwise, I would cause a lot of problems. #psychology

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