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Screwing up America Fri, Aug 26, 2005
On the news and on talk shows and on the internet and everywhere I look/listen, people hate our country and the way it's run.  And I'm not talking about people in Europe or the Middle East or Africa.  I'm talking about American people living in America.  I feel slightly different about this issue.  I'm under the impression that I'm in no place to judge how this country is run or how decisions are made.  And not because I'm just some dim-witted peon, employed by the very thing that these people ridicule.  For some reason, I think there's a whole bunch of stuff that goes on behind the scenes, and we have absolutely no knowledge of it.  So to deride the choices made by the leader of our country is kind of pointless in my opinion.  He's a figurehead.  He fumbles through speeches.  And the actions taken by our nation have almost nothing to do with him.

But anyway, back to the main point:  right-wing fanatics are funny.  So there's this guy who wrote this book about people screwing up America and here's a brief synopsis of everyone listed in the book.  People who feel incredibly strongly about something and make fun of people to get their point across are ok in my book. #politics

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