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Bib Wed, Aug 31, 2005
I see some weird stuff.  I was at an Italian restaurant, quietly eating my food.  I looked over at a table near me and watched as a lady pulled a folded up piece of plastic-looking-material out of her purse.  I watched, horrified, as she unfolded it and put it on around her neck.  It was a portable bib!  I watched as she started to eat her salad.  I didn't notice anything unusual.  I was hoping she had a major eating/drinking problem where she only got about 25% of the food/drink into her mouth.  You never know what to expect with people.  But no, there was nothing out of the ordinary.  Just a lady with a portable bib.  And it's not like she was eating some challenging food like ribs or lobster, where a bib is quite appropriate.  Nope.  Just some salad at an Italian restaurant.  And even if she was eating some messy food, I've heard that some restaurants are on the cutting edge of customer service by providing disposable bibs, thereby eliminating the need for bringing one's own.  You might want to check into that. #products

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