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Tradition Wed, Jul 06, 2005
What's the deal with Jews?  They're the only group of people on earth whose nationality and religion have the same label.  I think it makes things unnecessarily confusing.  When most people say they're Jewish, it means that someone in their family tree was from the nation of Israel.  It usually has nothing to do with their religion.  The reason I say this is because I've never met a real Jew, meaning someone who practices the traditions and believes the theology of Judaism.  Every Jew I've met has a sub-par knowledge of the religion that changed the course of history and started Christianity.  They blindly follow traditions that have no meaning for them, other than to continue the tradition.  This brings me to my point:  Why do people follow traditions that mean nothing to them?  Is it to please their family?  Is it to appear reverential?  Is it just so the tradition doesn't get lost?  I'm not a big fan of traditions.  Historically, people have done some pretty dumb stuff.  Should we honor them by continuing to do that same dumb stuff?  Should I get my tongue stuck to an icy pole in the wintertime because it's tradition?  Should I go to the shore over the July 4th weekend because that's what my family did?  Should I get all my Christmas shopping done the day after Thanksgiving because that's how we've always done it?  I think that's dumb. #sociology

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