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Cat puke Fri, Sep 26, 2008
Sometimes I document things solely for the purpose of documenting them, not to share them with other people.  Such is the case with cat puke.  Cats have delicate digestive systems, so they puke all the time.  Most times it's gross, as most puke is.  But other times, I take pictures of the puke because it's funny, whether it's in a weird location or is unusual in shape or content.  But as a person who has a mild understanding of social norms, I know that sharing pictures of cat puke isn't entirely acceptable.  However, today's Friday, so I'm making an exception. 

Exhibit 1 seems to be sending a very clear message:  "Here's what I think of your computer." 

Wendy pointed out that this could legitimately be an intentional message because our cats like to sit in our laps, and guess what often takes up lap space?  The laptop.  It's worth pointing out that the culprit must have carefully aimed this particular puke because the laptop was on the coffee table, not just in the middle of the floor.  So the cat had to get up on the coffee table, position itself so that it would be directly facing a particular section of the laptop, and let loose.  It was a calculated move.  Kind of like this little dog from Cute Overload

Exhibit 2 is from a year ago and requires an explanation.  Sometimes we let our cats outside, and like most cats, they eat grass like it's their job.  Experts disagree on why cats eat grass (whether it's because it tastes good or because it makes them puke up hairballs), but the fact remains that cats do in fact eat grass.  Since our cats live inside, as soon as they run out the door, they chomp down a bunch of grass before we can do anything about it, then they puke it all up as soon as they get inside. 

For some reason, the grass eaten in this particular instance seems to have contained more green coloring than normal.  I remember stumbling upon this green pile of liquid as I was about to go upstairs, and it took me a while to actually figure out what it was. #nature

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