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Obama vs. Palin (1) Fri, Sep 26, 2008
Once again, I hate politics.  I refuse to try to persuade anyone to believe one thing or another, and any time I read the political opinions of random people on the internet, I throw up a little.  But I have two thoughts regarding the current rat race for the presidency: 
  1. I actually hope Obama gets elected.  Whether he does anything good or not is completely beside the point.  I just think it would be good for the health of our nation, our younger voters, and our multitudes of liberal celebrities to finally get their way.  Otherwise, there could be riots.
  2. The biggest criticism of Palin is her lack of experience.  I seem to remember a few months ago when the biggest criticism against Obama was his lack of experience.  Suddenly all these democrats that said you didn't need experience to run the country have changed their mind.
For the record, I side with neither candidate at the moment.  However, I'm leaning towards Palin (and her running mate John what's-his-name) because she's attractive and has a good impersonator in Tina Fey. #politics

Rus Fri, Sep 26, 2008
I literally had to concentrate watching the SNL skit.  I wasn't sure whether it was really her or Tina.  It was incredible.

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