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Other Thu, Sep 25, 2008
Palm Zire 71 - Wendy bought me this for Christmas in 2003 because I had mentioned in passing that it would be cool to own a multipurpose gadget that could used as a phone, mp3 player, camera, etc.  This Palm device was one of the first handheld devices to have a camera, so she thought it would be great.  The camera was really low resolution, so I didn't use it much.  But the device itself got me into the idea of PDAs in general, which influenced my purchases of cell phones in the future. 

Magellan eXplorist 200 - I bought this handheld GPS device used off Amazon for about $65.  I attempted to use it for a few weeks, but was utterly disgusted by its speed, usability, tiny black and white screen, lack of a keyboard, and overall uselessness.  I ended it up selling it on Amazon for about $90, which was thoroughly satisfying. 

iPod Classic 80GB - Wendy and I found this on an empty beach in New Jersey.  No one was around to claim it, so we kept it.  It's a little scratched but otherwise completely functional.  It's an awesome device, is great at organizing music and podcasts, and has great battery life. 

Garmin eTrex Vista HCx - I finally decided to try a new GPS device, and this one is great.  The battery life is excellent, and it's easy to connect to a computer and transfer tracks and waypoints.  It doesn't do many things, but the few things it does, it does well. #gadgets

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