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Planning Thu, Dec 07, 2006
I don't know why, but I really hate making plans.  If I have plans, I make sure I'm on time.  If I have plans and they're cancelled, I'm a happy camper.  But I don't like setting up the plans in the first place.  It might have something to do with my desire to do nothing.  I guess I just sometimes like to keep my schedule slightly open.  Ya know ... so I can do what I want.  The further in advance the plans are, the more I dislike them.  And the less the plans have do with me and my interests, the less I like them.  If it's planning out my vacation for the summer, I'm all about it.  But if it's making plans for a friend of a friend of a friend's wedding in a few months, I'd rather stick a fork in my eye. 

Update (2006-12-08 2:25pm):  I forgot about the other reason I wrote this post:  In view of the fact that I don't like planning things, I find it odd that I'm consistently on leadership committees whose major function is to plan things.  This is usually against my will.  In college, after a few months of regular attendance at a Christian group, I was asked to join the leadership committee.  After a few meetings, I already knew I didn't want to be involved because it had to do with planning and organizing events.  For whatever reason, I didn't build up enough courage to quit, so I continued with the group and eventually become the president.  Several years later, I'm in a similar position with another Christian group.  I don't mind being in a leadership position and playing guitar and teaching Bible studies.  But as soon as it gets down to "So when should we do our next event?", I just wanna bolt. 

Update (2006-12-28 4:10pm):  I was just reminded of another major aspect of this:  I can't stand being the middleman.  I hate organizing a meet-up or an event that's being hindered by more than one issue.  For example, let's say four people are planning to go out to dinner.  Let's say one of those people is a picky eater.  Let's say another one of those people is a vegetarian.  I hate being one of the remaining people who needs to make several phone calls back and forth between each of the "difficult" parties, making sure everybody is happy with everything.  I wish they would just talk to each other and work it out themselves.  Obviously the other two people in the equation will go with anything the difficult people say.  The other thing that comes to mind in situations like this is how easy things used to be.  I used to be able to do whatever I wanted without even the slightest plan.  I'd maybe make a few phone calls and buy a few packs of hamburgers, and the world was a better place.  Somewhere along the way, life got complicated. #psychology

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