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Cowboy boots Tue, Nov 22, 2005
What's the deal with cowboy boots?  I'm surprised (disgusted, appalled) at how often I see people wearing them.  What's the appeal?  I think we can all agree that they definitely don't look good.  They're not a fashion statement.  You may say, "Yeah, but look at you.  Tucking your shirt into your underwear isn't too cool either."  I agree with you, but I still do it.  At least I don't wear cowboy boots.  I see people wearing them at church, at work, in airports.  And it's not like they just blend right in.  It's not like they look like regular dress shoes.  You see the tops hidden under someone's pants and you know exactly what they are.  All you can think is "Why?"  Maybe their reasoning is that cowboy boots are comfortable.  How?  How could tall leather boots with big heels be comfortable?  Maybe it's a cultural/regional thing.  My answer to that:  You're not in Texas anymore, broseph. 

And whenever I see people with cowboy boots, I can't get this image out of my head:  The kid who likes playing cowboys and Indians and likes watching westerns, and who convinces his mom to buy him cowboy boots.  Then he puts on his boots and straps some guns to his belt and rides his imaginary horse that looks remarkably like a broomstick. 

And these people expect other people to take them seriously? #lifestyle

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