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Men in boots (1) Wed, Dec 16, 2009
I alluded to this in the distant past and I'll say it again:  I have a real hard time feigning respect for men who decide it's acceptable to wear boots in public.  I'm not talking about work boots or snow boots, which both serve a legitimate purpose.  I'm talking about cowboy boots and dress boots and whatever else it's called when leather shoes have a pointed toe and a "modest" heel and go past the ankle.  On men.  It's at least slightly ridiculous to see a grown man wearing pointed, heeled footwear.  That's my opinion.  I'm sticking with it. #lifestyle

Rain Wed, Feb 10, 2010
ha ha I agree! I find it funny and I rarely can stop myself from laughing - my Physics teacher used to wear cowboy boots and after a while I stopped attending his lessons as I felt dumb every time he'd would look at me xD

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