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Temporary expertise Tue, Aug 10, 2021
I feel like there are a handful of experiences in life where you momentarily become an absolute expert in some topic before quickly forgetting everything and never using that knowledge ever again.  Things like pregnancy, buying a house, traveling to a foreign country, etc. all involve copious research, checking books out of the library, watching documentaries or how-to videos, learning a new language or a new vocabulary, all in a quest to be as proficient as you can possibly be for that short period of time when being an expert is required.  And then once that time period ends, that knowledge is completely useless to you.  You're not having another kid.  You're not buying another house for at least another 20 years.  All that's left of your knowledge quest is a bunch of outdated, probably wrong information that you can either completely forget or attempt to bestow on people who are in similar situations.

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