As a kid, I thought about growing up to be a professional athlete or an astronaut, but I never thought about how I would look.  And I would imagine if you asked people how they think they'll look when they're older, they'll say something about being wrinkled and gray.  No one expects to go bald, which is weird because it's ridiculously common.  In every culture on earth, a significant proportion of the male population goes bald. 

Sometime in my late twenties, I noticed it was happening.  I shaved my head a few times when I was younger, so I wasn't opposed to having short hair.  And I remember deciding before it happened that I wouldn't be one of those people who tried to hide it with a comb-over.  So I pretty much just went for it.  My current hair style varies between 1/8-inch of balding hair to 0 inches (razor shave). 

Being bald is a little weird because it's not something you can really hide.  It's out there, right in front.  You can't cover it up with baggy clothes or makeup.  It's not like being overweight and having the option of working out.  Everyone sees it and notices it.  Some people make jokes about it, including me.  It's like having this weird negative thing attached to you that you don't really like and other people don't really like but you're at peace with it because it's already there. 

That said, I have a renewed appreciation for men with wonderful luscious hair.  At the same time, I also have an increased disdain for men who are sitting the fence between having hair and being bald.  It's so obvious they're clinging to the last thing that signified their youth, and on top of that (pun) it looks bad.  Just accept it, cut your hair short, and move on.  It's better over here. #lifestyle