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Black coffee Tue, Jan 27, 2015
Last year I went on a little diet adventure where I stopped eating carbs.  One of the immediate changes I made was to stop putting sugar in my coffee.  For me, coffee required sugar.  It's a bitter, burnt drink that's made so much more palatable with sugar and cream and whatnot.  It's like that meme:  "Not sure if I like coffee, or coffee flavored sugar milk."  Cutting carbs also meant coffee creamers with sugar and even milk for that matter.  So I was using heavy cream as the only additive in my coffee.  This made life a little difficult when I went out for coffee.  Most places don't hand out heavy cream with their coffee. 

Fast forward a few months and I got back into the carbs game, but I didn't want to jump back into my old 2-tablespoons-of-sugar-per-cup-of-coffee habit.  I happened to visit some family and friends over the course of a few weekends where the only coffee creamer options were sugary flavored swill or skim milk.  So I found myself drinking black coffee largely out of convenience.  It was just easier that way. 

Convenience (or inconvenience, or laziness) stuck.  I transitioned to black coffee full time.  It's made life a lot easier.  It's freed up fridge space.  It's made it simpler to order coffee when I go out.  I no longer have to stand around the coffee condiment station trying to get my drink exactly right.  It's made my travel mug cleaner, because there's no sugar or fat for mold to feed on.  Black coffee is the way to go. #food

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