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Good workers Thu, Jan 22, 2015
I work with a bunch of people who are highly knowledgeable about a lot of different things.  If I ask someone a question about work, I might get an answer, but chances are I'll get a story about how someone once had that answer, and how that person has since moved to a different company or died.  I find myself giving the same kinds of answers largely because some things can't be answered with a simple word or sentence.  Complicated topics require explanations, diagrams, questioning the original question, and so on. 

I traveled for work last week, and I got the chance to work with a bunch of people who were highly knowledgeable about the one specific thing they worked on.  I could go up to them with seemingly complicated questions and get completely simple answers in seconds.  It was incredibly refreshing to work with people who, while maybe not as versatile as my regular co-workers, still knew the ins and outs of their work better than anyone else possibly could.  There's value in good workers. #business

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