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Drunk walking Thu, Mar 20, 2014
One of the downsides of growing up and living in a rural area is that social drinking can be difficult.  You typically have to drive somewhere to do it, and unless you enjoy losing your driver's license, you should probably plan ahead.  That means either (a) you don't go, (b) you don't drink as much as you want, (c) you elect a designated driver who resents you the whole night, or (d) you sleep where you drink. 

A major upside of visiting or living in a city is the prospect of drunk walking.  Instead of having to curtail your own drinking or depending on the driving abilities of someone who tried to curtail theirs, you can just walk home drunk.  Sure, that presents its own challenges, such as remembering how to get home and avoiding cops looking for public intoxication.  But in general, I would probably drink socially a lot more often if I could walk there and back. #lifestyle

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