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Intentional inconvenience Wed, Mar 19, 2014
My employer tends to take security pretty seriously, and one of their security measures is a gated entrance with a guard.  In order to go through said gate, one must zig-zag through a series of concrete barriers that physically can't be achieved without traveling below 10 mph.  It's a simple and effective means of forcing people to drive slowly by making it inconvenient (or in this case impossible) to drive fast.  I kind of like it. 

Another thing my employer did in the name of security was disable all USB storage devices.  We can still use USB mice and keyboards, but any kind of USB device that stores information is not just prohibited, but impossible to use with our computers.  The intention was to inhibit simple file transfers in order to cut down on viruses and whatnot.  It didn't prohibit transferring files; most people have CD burners or eSATA external hard drives.  It just made a common aspect of our jobs inconvenient and difficult.  I don't like it.

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