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SharkBite (2) Mon, Oct 17, 2011
One thing I didn't realize I signed up for when I bought a house was that at least once a year I'd have to replace some sort of leaky plumbing fixture under a sink or toilet, simply because metal tends to disintegrate over time when in the presence of water.  Any old person would say, "How didn't you know that?"  To which I would respond, "Shut up, old person."  So this past weekend as I was visiting my local hardware store to replace some leaky valves, one of the sales guys recommended SharkBite fittings.  I was skeptical at first because they cost a little more and I never trust sales people.  But I got home, unsoldered the old valves and smoothed the pipes, then simply slid the SharkBite valves into place.  No soldering, no sealing, no nothing.  This was without question the easiest, most successful plumbing experience I've had in my brief though troubled career as a homeowner. #products

Rus Tue, Oct 18, 2011
But you don't have to use a blowtorch....what fun is there in that?  ;-)

(Hopatcong water is extremely hard on pipes!  If ever I had to find a second career, I think I could plumb after living there a number of years)

Dave Tue, Oct 18, 2011
I had to use a torch to get the old fittings off, so there was plenty of fire, melted metal, and burnt drywall.

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