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Quarterbacks as leaders Thu, Oct 13, 2011
There's a lot of talk in the sports media about whether or not Tim Tebow can be a legitimate NFL quarterback, and obviously only time will tell.  Despite his inexperience, his apparently poor throwing mechanics, and his unfamiliarity with losing, I think he'll do well, simply because he's a great leader.  You see it on the sidelines, after a three-and-out, where he pats each of his offensive teammates on the back.  Or after a touchdown, where he specifically goes up to the player who scored and celebrates with him.  It's the same with Mark Sanchez.  Seeing these guys lead their team, whether they win or lose, makes me want to get off the couch and follow them onto the football field, where I would be promptly murdered by a 350-lb defensive lineman.  It's inspiring.  Contrast that with quarterbacks like Tom Brady and Eli Manning, who seem to treat football with as much enthusiasm as a desk job, really only expressing emotion by getting angry at one of their receivers for dropping a pass, then sitting on the bench in silence while the defense is on the field.  Brady might be the best quarterback ever, and Eli has his moments, but personally I'd rather watch a Mark Sanchez or a Tim Tebow. #sports

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