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Catism vs. dogism (1) Mon, Jul 18, 2011
If "racism" is defined as discrimination based on race, I propose to define the words "catism" and "dogism" as discrimination based on being a cat or a dog, respectively. 

I think it's interesting that people find it perfectly acceptable to express their utter hatred of my pet felines, while it's deemed "insensitive" or "uncaring" for me to say anything negative regarding pet canines.  People routinely come to my house, see my cats, and say things like, "I hate cats," or "If that cat scratches me, I'll rip it in half."  But if I happen to make an offhand remark about how someone's dog is ruining the Super Bowl party by sticking its nose in everyone's crotch and barking its head off every time there's an exciting play, everyone's all like, "He's a dog; he can't help it," or "But he's like family," or "If you badmouth my dog, I'll rip you in half."  All I'm saying is that (1) dogs are idiots, though lovable fun idiots, and (2) perhaps we can practice equality in how we verbally abuse each other's pets.  If we allow catism, we must also allow dogism. 

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Rus Tue, Jul 19, 2011
Dave, you're right.  The next time I see a fun-loving, eager, excited to see me cat, I will be much nicer to it....if it doesn't make me sneeze.  ;-)

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