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Rabbits as food (2) Thu, Jul 02, 2009
I got a pet rabbit a few months ago, and one of the things I read was that rabbits are prey animals, meaning their existence in the wild is pretty much centered around being another animal's meal.  They're the perfect size for bobcats, wolves, and other ground animals, as well as hawks, owls, and other flying animals.  Pretty much every predator can get a good meal out of a rabbit.  This translates into two specific behaviors for rabbits in captivity:  (1) The need for an escape route, and (2) hatred for being picked up.  One book or website said that rabbits will be your best friend one minute, but then be completely scared to death of you the next, and it's because they're hardwired to treat every animal as something that could eat them. 

On a somewhat related note, I'm surprised by the number of people who choose to talk to me (or Wendy) about rabbits as human food.  I mean, I understand rabbits can be eaten, and I think I've even had one once at a fancy restaurant.  But the thing is, this topic always comes up after people find out we have a rabbit as a pet.  As in, this little animal is now a part of our family.  She resides in our house.  We care for her.  We like her.  We don't want to eat her.  You don't hear me talking about Cat Soup or Roasted Retriever or Chocolate-Covered Infants (oh wait, kids aren't pets).  So I would ask that the people reading this stop talking about my pet as a meal. #nature

Wendy Thu, Jul 02, 2009
I shared the second paragraph with the 7 other people here at work (because they all want to know why I laugh at my desk). Charlie said he's sorry if he caused you distress.

E. Fudd Fri, Jul 03, 2009
I'm so deepwy sowwy if I have upset you!  I pwomise not to twy to eat yourw wascawwy wabbit.

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