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Induced guilt Fri, Jun 11, 2010
Whenever I'm being watched for criminal activities, like for shoplifting at a store or terrorism at an airport, I tend to get nervous and try to look innocent, which has the effect of making me look like I'm trying to look innocent, which makes me look guilty, which I'm not.  For example, I tend to walk around with my hands in my pockets, but when I'm at a store and take something off the shelf to look at it but end up putting it back on the shelf, I realize I can't put my hands back in my pockets because it'll look like I'm stealing something, so I'll intentionally walk away with my hands not in my pockets, which makes me conscious of the angle and rate at which I swing my arms, which probably makes it look like the first time I've ever attempted to walk in my life, which makes me look guilty, which I'm not.  Another example is when I'm at an airport and I'm waiting in line (which is often) and I'll casually look around and accidentally find the location of every security camera that's pointing at me, including the ones on the ceiling, which makes me picture the people in the control room looking at the many different TV screens with views of this white male in his late 30s (hey, I'm 28!) who's nervously noting the locations of any and all security cameras, which makes me look guilty, which I'm not.  I swear. #psychology

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