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Before sunscreen (1) Tue, Jun 15, 2010
One of the important lessons I've learned in my 20-some years on this spinning orb is that the sun hates me.  The sun is great for things like photosynthesis, Vitamin D production, and burning things with a magnifying glass.  But if it had the opportunity, the sun would melt my skin off like hot wax dripping off a candle.  In a sense, the sun is a jerk.  But another important lesson I've learned is that I can simply apply a cheap white cream to my skin, and suddenly I can handle anything the sun throws at me.  So the question I ask myself every time I'm putting on this chemical armor is this:  What did people do before sunscreen?  I would assume they moved to cold places and/or simply stayed out of the sun.  But I've gotten sunburn in the winter, and I'm pretty sure I'll get sunburn just by writing bad things about the sun.  I guess covering your skin with clothing is a good idea, but it's a sweaty, smelly idea too.  My aunt told me she once tried Crisco in a misguided belief that it might make her cook more evenly.  It worked, but only in the sense that she got badly though evenly burnt. #health

Wendy Thu, Jun 17, 2010
Grandma Agnes also told a story from before sunscreen. She went to the beach and was out all day (they didn't rent an umbrella). She was so burnt they had to cut her clothes off when she got home.

Guess the sun-hating goes back a few generations.

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