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Dos Equis guy (1) Wed, Sep 03, 2008
Those new Dos Equis commercials that talk about the most interesting man in the world (who's been known to say, "Stay thirsty, my friends") are quite odd.  On the one hand, they always catch my attention and pique my curiosity.  But on the other hand, they always end with "the guy" speaking in a raspy, apparently Mexican accent (since it's a Mexican beer), saying, "I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis."  I don't understand how that's supposed to convince me to drink Dos Equis.  Wouldn't it be better if (a) he had a convincing accent and (b) he always drank all kinds of beer, but his favorite was Dos Equis? #entertainment

Jenn B Thu, Sep 04, 2008
it's for the elitist beverage snobs.  i mean...beer isn't exactly considered a 'refined' beverage, but if you ARE going to partake, it should only be the most exotic/fancy, right?  not that i agree, just what i assumed when i saw the commercial.

i also thought it funny that my first thought was "wow that's an annoying/weird commercial" and my husband's was, "wow, that oddly made me want that beer".  since he is definitely a beverage snob, i assume they have done a good job hitting the target audience.

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