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Loud motorcycles (1) Thu, Aug 28, 2008
I don't have a motorcycle, but I fully support them in theory.  They're great on gas mileage, they're totally badass, and there's nothing quite like having a roaring engine sitting directly between your legs.  (I'm not sure if that's a joke or not.)  But one thing I don't like is when motorcycles are stupidly loud, like when my neighbor arrived at his house at 2am on a Saturday riding his apparently jet-powered bike.  Sure, it was Saturday, so it doesn't matter if I got woken up in the middle of the night.  But it was less about being woken up, and more about being disturbed by an unnecessarily loud noise.  I understand the sound is part of the fun for some people.  It's kind of like buying a sports car or wearing tight jeans that emphasize one's manliness.  Some guys need loud bikes.  That's fine.  But the problem is that loud bikes disturb.  On a recent trip to the beautiful mountains and wooded areas of New Hampshire, sights and experiences were ruined by ridiculously loud bikes.  And what did all that noise actually prove, and what did it gain them?  Nothing.  I was seeing the same things and driving the same roads with my quiet little Japanese car.  The point is this:  Loud motorcycles should get some mufflers so the rest of us can live our lives in peace.  The end. #travel

Rus Fri, Aug 29, 2008
Amen!  As a former resident of your fair borough, I have come to loathe certain brands of bikes.  Largely due to the fact that they seem to love Hopatcong, and my old house, (if you recall), was right at an "acceleration point" for them.  Since they tend to travel in packs, it became one of the most infuriating things for me to endure.  (Imagine having two little ones that were napping during their shenanigans!).

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