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Hungry and tired Thu, Aug 28, 2008
It's funny to watch how babies and young kids act when they're hungry and/or tired.  They whine and cry and act out and have meltdowns.  It's always interesting to see a watchful mom fully understand the situation and solve the problem with some food or a nap.  So simple, yet effective. 

I'm quite convinced that this phenomenon is completely independent of age.  The older I get, the more I realize it.  Sometimes I'll be driving on the highway, and I'll start getting ridiculously angry at the guy who didn't use a blinker when he changed lanes.  That's when I realize it's lunchtime and I haven't eaten.  Or I'll be watching TV and become more and more impatient with commercials.  That's when I realize it's bedtime. 

It's weird how we humans think we're all grown up and have control over our bodies' simple desires for sustenance and rest, when in reality we really haven't progressed much since birth. #psychology

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