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Motorized golf pull carts Fri, Aug 29, 2008
I just saw a motorized golf pull cart (like this one) in use on the golf course at work.  A lady hit her ball and started walking towards her bag to put her club away when her bag started moving away from her.  She had a little remote in her hand that made the bag move.  This has to be the laziest product in the history of the universe.  Thankfully it's available for the low-low price of $800, which is practically a steal in my book. 

For people who don't golf, here's a brief history of golf club carrying devices:  First there was the golf bag, which slung over your shoulder and apparently affected your swing after about 14 holes; then there was the pull cart (or push cart, depending on how you use it), which took the weight off your shoulder and had a tendency to roll away when you weren't looking; lastly we have the motorized pull cart, which simultaneously solves a nonexistent problem while also using up extra money that many golfers seem to have weighing them down. #products

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