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We meet again (1) Wed, Aug 27, 2008
My life seems to be an ongoing series of re-meets, i.e. I'm constantly forced to meet people I've already met.  I remember them, but they don't remember me.  I'm apparently not very good at leaving an impression.  In the past month, it's happened at a wedding, a BBQ, and travel for work.  But it always happens the same way.  I make an entrance (also apparently not memorable), greet the various people at the function, and remind them that we met once or twice before, but that it's still nice to meet them again.  The weird thing is that it happens multiple times with the same people.  There's this one friend of a friend that I've met at least four separate times.  Maybe he'll remember me this time.  I would understand if we briefly met one time at a busy function and we didn't even have time to get past the "nice to meet you" part.  That's fine.  I often don't remember people whose hand I've had the pleasure of shaking.  And it would be fine if we met one time in 1993 when I was 11 years old, but since I don't look or act quite the same as I once did, we need to go through the re-meeting process.  But most times, it's the same series of friends-of-friends who simply don't remember me.  I need to come up with some sort of memorable act or line.  I'm sure most people would remember receiving a black eye or hearing the phrase, "Hi-diddly-ho, neighborino!" #psychology

Jeff Wed, Aug 27, 2008
FWIW - I had a running gag with a guy like you mention, he would be "We've met before" and I would be "Sorry, I don't remember you" I did this to him at least 9 times before he realized I was just pulling his leg.

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