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Why airline travel sucks Mon, Jun 30, 2008
Anyone who has ever traveled via commercial airline knows it falls quite short of "good" (except Wendy's mom, who had a great time on her first flight a few weeks ago).  Here's my take on why: 
  1. Everyone is treated like a criminal.  I appreciate security, but come on:  Metal detectors, explosives detectors, death threats if we carry someone else's bag?  Honestly, why do we have to take our shoes off?  Because of that shoe bomber guy?  If your security screening process can't detect explosives in a person's shoe while they're wearing it, you've got a bigger problem than shoe bombs.
  2. Nickle and diming.  I've already come to the conclusion that paying $5 for a meal on a plane actually isn't a bad deal, but regardless, it should just be included in the ticket price.  Same with the $5 headphones, the $5 beers, and the newly-established checked-baggage fee.  We're already paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars for the stupid ticket, why not include all those stupid little fees? *
  3. Everyone is treated like an inconvenience.  Sometimes it seems like airport employees and flight attendants are saying, "Hey listen, we're already gonna fly this plane from here to there, so I guess you could bum a ride with us.  Just stay out of the way and don't expect anything other than a miniature can of soda.  We're doing you a favor."
* I actually have a feeling there's a different reason for this.  I'm sure at least one smart person works for at least one airline, and that person suggested rolling all those fees into the price of the ticket.  But I bet a few other smart people (consultants) told the airline industry that people are much less likely to take a meal if it costs $5 than if it's free.  Hence, cost and logistics savings.  Similarly, people are way less likely to check a bag if they're charged for it, no matter how minimal the cost, simply because they're so used to not paying for it.  Less checked baggage means less lost baggage, which means higher customer service reviews (i.e. boost your customer service by providing less of it).  An airline losing your luggage is the worst thing that can possibly happen.  An airline not even having the chance to lose your luggage is way better. #travel

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