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Airline food Fri, Mar 16, 2007
There once was a time when you were served a meal on every commercial airline flight.  And the food was totally free.  But "to save money" (the end user obviously hasn't seen much of these savings) the airlines cut down on amenities like that, so that only 5-hour flights got free meals, and now no flights get free meals (depending on the airline).  Consumers were outraged that they were charged $5 for something that used to be completely free.  What a ripoff.  And in addition to a $13,000 plane ticket to Florida?  Forget it, jerks! 

But something recently changed my entire way of thinking.  Wendy and I were in LAX for a layover, so we went to one of the fine airport eateries to get some lunch.  We got a couple of simple sandwiches, a soda, and a water.  The bill came to $25.  I'm more than willing to spend $25 on a lobster or a really good steak, but $25 for a $7 meal is a ripoff.  But that's how it is everywhere in the airport.  Burger King meals for $10?  Ice cream for $6?  It's ridiculous, but what's the alternative?  Leaving the airport, walking around a dirty city like Newark to find some disgusting hot dogs, then going through the whole airport security fiasco all over again?  Heck no.  So we spend $25 on a couple sandwiches and drinks and then pee all over the bathroom to make up for it.  Just kidding. 

The alternative to overpriced airport food should now be quite obvious:  Less overpriced airline food, and all the free liquids you can possibly drink, all for a measly $5.  That $5 doesn't sound so bad anymore.  Plus, airline food has been gradually shifting away from the "microwavable steak sandwiches in plastic wrappers" and moving onto healthy things like salads and wraps.  The ham and cheese wrap I had on the flight home from Hawaii was pretty darn good, and that free Pepsi was even better.  I've made up my mind:  $5 on the plane is better than $25 in the airport. #food

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