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Germany trip recap (3) Mon, Jun 30, 2008
Where was I last week?  Germany.  Yes, the country.  In Europe.  With the beer.  And the soccer team.  Yes, that one. 

"But Dave, didn't you just go on vacation to the Grand Canyon or something?"  Yes, I did.  That was excellent.  But you see, Wendy's employer suddenly wanted her to travel to Germany to visit some equipment manufacturers.  And seeing that I have no real plans to travel outside the U.S. anytime soon, I decided this would be my opportunity to do so relatively cheaply.  Hotels were paid for, a rental car was paid for, so all I had to do was buy a plane ticket.  That one plane ticket cost more than our entire 8-day vacation in the southwest -- meals, lodging, and rental car included (our airfare was free -- yay frequent flier programs!).  But despite the cost, it was deemed a worthwhile endeavor, so we went.  Here's what we did: 

Day 1 - Flew through Paris to Hannover, Germany (Wendy flew through Munich).  Walked around Hannover, which, unbeknownst to us, was having its summer solstice celebration (music, food, happiness). 

Day 2 - Picked up Wendy's co-worker from the airport, then drove to Berlin.  Walked around the city.  Took a guided bike tour, which was really cool. 

Day 3 - Walked around Berlin some more, then drove to Bad Salzuflen, which is where one of the equipment manufacturers is located. 

Day 4 - The women went to work while I walked around the town of Bad Salzuflen. 

Day 5 - Drove to Lübeck.  The women went to work while I biked around town.  Watched the Germany-Turkey Euro 2008 semifinal soccer game, which Germany won (celebratory chaos ensued). 

Day 6 - Walked around Lübeck some more.  Drove to Hannover and walked around a little. 

Day 7 - Flew through Paris on the way back to Newark (Wendy flew through Copenhagen this time). 

The following several posts will likely be about Germany, travel, or some other related topic.  Enjoy.  Or not. 



Dana Tue, Jul 01, 2008
Awesome!  So glad you were able to go.  And you made it to a semi-final soccer game?  I wss in Italy when they won the World Cup and it was CRAZY!  I think the entire city came out on their little moped thingies and obeyed even less traffic laws than they usually do.  I've never seen anything like it since!  Can't wait to hear more stories and see pics!

kirk Wed, Jul 02, 2008
Very cool indeed !! By any chance did you come across a town called Dolrock. It was the birth place of my grand parents, the Barron and Barroness Glahn. The no poop picture was the best,ahh the things you see when you travel.

Dave Wed, Jul 02, 2008
Dolrock doesn't sound familiar.  Does this mean you have noble blood?

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