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Blackberry vs. black raspberry (16) Wed, Apr 02, 2008
I grew up on a spacious tract of land that housed two separate types of nature-grown black berries.  One was the blackberry (left), and the other was the black raspberry (right), or black cap. 

[Image: blackberries.png]

Blackberries are larger and much more sour than black raspberries, but because of their size, they're also juicier.  They're quite edible and useful for making desserts, jams, and wine (none of which have been made by me).  Black raspberries, also known as black caps, grow like weeds and contain a very powerful purple dye, which will stain hands and clothing for days. #food

Wendy Wed, Apr 02, 2008
The question is - which do you prefer?

Dave Wed, Apr 02, 2008
100% black raspberries.  But I'll still eat those blackberries you bought yesterday.  They're still good, just a little sour.

Rus Wed, Apr 02, 2008
See Dave.  My answer would have been, whichever one you are going to put in a cobbler.  :-)

Dave Wed, Apr 02, 2008
You're right.  I was only thinking about myself, when I should been thinking about what Wendy could've made for me.  Genius.

Sayin' Thu, Jul 09, 2009
There is no such thing as a Black Rasberry.  They are black because they are over ripe.

Rus Thu, Jul 09, 2009
So the raspberries are black because they are over ripe, but they're not black raspberries?  I'm confused.

Dave Thu, Jul 09, 2009
Sayin', I don't really know how to respond to this.  Yes, in fact there is such a thing as a black raspberry, and no they're not just overly ripe raspberries.  I'm sorry you disagree with this fact.

Lisa Fri, Aug 21, 2009
Sayin' is completely incorrect.  There IS a difference between blackberries and black raspberries!  They are 2 different fruits, even though they look almost the same.  Red raspberries will never turn black when overripe...they will mold and rot and still be red.  Black raspberries start out red and turn black as they ripen.

Steven Wed, Mar 03, 2010
Man alive there is a major diff between black berries and black raspberries.  Black berries are much less sweet and BR's make a superior pie.  When you pick a BR the little white core stays on the plant and when you pick a BB it comes off.

Don Thu, Jul 08, 2010
both are of the plant genus: Rubus. Common blackberries are the species: Rubus Fruiticosis. Black Rasberries  are the speicies: Rubus Occidentalis. These are compleatly different.

Kevin Miller Sat, Jun 25, 2011
Sayin' - Wrong!  There is a black rasberry.  That's what the internet is for, dummy.  Lesson: Never speak in absolutes.  (did I just say "never"?)

Hi Don.  There is also a "western" version of the eastern occidentallis.  It is the rubus leucidermis and originated in the Willimette Valley in Oregon.

Dave Z Fri, Aug 05, 2011
Steven noted the main difference between the two: the central core of the fruit (actually an aggregate of druplets) stays on the plant for raspberries (both red and black). That's what makes a black raspberry a raspberry and not a blackberry.

Kevin's mention of the western black raspberry deserves a second note: the rubus leucidermis is also known as the blue raspberry due to the lighter color they produce. Which is where that garishly colored artificial flavor gets it's name.

Libby Mon, Aug 08, 2011
I learned something today! I never knew there was a difference between blackberries and black raspberries. I've never had black raspberries before, but I'd like to try some soon.

Why do they make you fill out 5+7=12?

Rosalyne Fri, Mar 30, 2012
I grew up eating BlackCaps and there is nothing in the world like them, so unique... (they're so important they deserved the capital letters)  :o)  Most people haven't heard of them and they don't get it when you try to describe them.  When we make BlackCap pie, we have to hide it or company will eat it all before we get any.  I'm from just outside of Kingston, Ontario and they grow wild there.  Oh, Kingston is just 30 minutes north of upstate New York.  It's nice to know that there are other BlackCap lovers out there.  I'd like to go to Oregon in the summer to see all of the different products they have to sell.  Yum!

Bobby Thu, Apr 19, 2012
I grew up in Olney, Maryland in the layr 70's early 80's and these so called black caps were an important stop for me and my friends biking ourselves up town.  I had always considered them different then raspberries and different then the blackberries so abundant in Oregon.  No body knew what I was talking about, but I just knew there was a different species.  I'm going to plant some and start my own little patch for my kids!

Mary G. Fri, Jul 06, 2012
"Sayin" is mistaken.  Not all raspberries turn black when ripe. Only BLACK raspberries do.

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